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Swing with Loose

Today is my lazy day… Hemm… Yes Monday. I must go to campus. And you know? My lecturer was unable to attend. Huh! 
I back to home and then sleep!!

 Ah ya… I wear loose crop top from VELOURS BOUTIQUE
Velours Boutique is an online boutique that sells a variety of goods fashion.They sell bags, accessories, shoes, and other fashion items.

For your info, my loose crop top was made by request. I order loose crop top with floral motif, pink color. Tadaaa…..

Very comfortable! So simple but chic!

VELOURS BOUTIQUE also provide shoes that you define a model, high heels, high wedges, and other terms that you want, they call it CUSTOMIZE SHOES.
affordable price 🙂

 So awesome!

BBM : 32679245
IG : velourstore
Twitter : @veloursstore

See You On My Next Post!

With love,

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