Optical Art

Optical Art?
Optical art is a method of painting concerning the interaction between illusion and picture plane, between understanding and seeing. Optical art works are abstract.
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(source : google.com)
Optical art adalah sebuah gaya seni rupa yang menggunakan teknik ilusi optik.
Penonton yang melihat sebuah karya optical art akan merasakan sebuah tipuan optik semacam gerakan (berputar, bergeser, berkedip dan lain sebagainya tergantung karya optical art yang mereka lihat).

In semester 1, i received a courses it’s called NIRMANA. I accept the assignment from Mrs. Yanti Pane. Make an Optical Art. How to?

Tools and Materials :
·         Art Carton (Kertas Art Karton)
·         Drawing Pen
·         Ruler
·         Pencil
·         Eraser

How to : 
Pieces of paper into the size 40 cm x 40 cm.
Create a line edge with a size of 2.5 cm. So we’ll get a box.
– Fill the box with a pattern of optical art . Make a squares, from large size (2,5 cm) until narrow (small size). From edge until the middle.
-Block with intervals. Using a drawing pen. 

The intervals : black, white, black, white, black, white, black, white, and so on.
 And… Voilaaa!!!
Created by Amanda Desty Yunistyani

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